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College Tours

December Winter Recess 2011
April Spring Recess 2012

ABC's fundamental Academia Express

ABC Worldwide has designed two tours that will allow the parents and students alike to get a first hand look and experience the culture of college life at some of the top universities in the country. These tours are designed specifically to afford the parents and students a greater insight they may not have otherwise had to visit and make critical assessments to the benefit of their sons/daughters higher education. ABC Worldwide will transport you in complete luxury for a week long fun filled educational journey to several of the elite Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HSBU’s) and some of the top Prestigious Ivy League Universities.

Our Prestigious Historically Black Colleges and University’s educational week long sojourn will take you to Howard University, Hampton University, Virginia State University, Norfolk State, Spellman College, Morehouse and Clark-Atlanta University.

Our Prestigious Ivy League week educational long journey will take you to Yale University, Princeton University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania and Brown University.

Don't delay in reserving your seats for an educational fun filled, week long luxurious motor coach tour to some of the leading academic universities in the country. Give your child every opportunity to put their best foot forward in ascertaining all the educational discipline that awaits them in their exciting sojourn in life. To learn more about our upcoming, exciting 2009/2010 educational tours and pricing please submit your complete information by clicking on this link.